Отлично, все понравилось. В центре Киева, чисто, цена небольшая. Особенно хочу поблагодарить администраторов:очень внимательные, культурные, отзывчивые люди. Спасибо Вам! В следующий раз обязательно еще раз там остановлюсь

Оксана — Украина - Одноместный Стандарт

Everything is excellent. The city center, clean and small price. I especially want to thank the administrators: they are very attentive, cultural and helpful people. Next time be sure to stay there again.

Oksana – Ukraine - Standard (Single)

The location is great and staff very pleasant. The hotel is really nice, clean and silent, with a homey atmosphere. I would go back there again and recommend to stay.

Monika – Lithuania - Standard (Single)

excellent location, clean and comfy single room, nice staff — kitűnő elhelyezkedés, tiszta és kényelmes 1-ágyas szoba, kedves személyzet

Gabor – Hungary - Junior Suite

Отличное месторасположение и шикарный вид из окна. Всё близко, хороший персонал и комфортный номер.

Anna — Россия - Двухместный Cтандарт

Great location and great view from the window. Everything is close to hotel, nice staff and nice room.

Anna – Russia - Standard (Single)

Great location at center. Staff spoke great English and very friendly.

David – the USA - Junior Suite

Wonderful view and location. Nice staff. Good price for airport service.

Mustafa – Turkey - Junior Suite

Without a doubt price, quality and location of the hotel are out of competition. I also agree with all comments – the staff is really nice. Hotel is clean and cozy, personnel takes care of the guests. It takes two minutes to get to metro. The area around the hotel is full of cafes for different tastes.
There is a small kitchen in the hotel with all bells and whistles, including tea, coffee and sugar.

Oksana – Russia - Standard (Double)

The location of the hotel is great – in the centre of the city and only five minutes from two metro stations. The hotel itself is in residential house. It is clean and comfortable. There is a kitchen with microwave, kettle and fridge. Shower and other plumbing in the room are new and clean. The staff is polite and friendly. There is a balcony for smokers. The room is spacious enough. The view from windows is on Maidan or Opera House. I really enjoyed staying here and I’ve booked it for the next trip already.

Anna – Russia - Standard (Double)